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By E.R Pulgar

Meth Math have always been a band of contradictions, of light and darkness, of — in their
own words — the “fine and filthy.” The esoteric trio, composed of vocalist Angelicá
Ballesteros and producers Bonsai Babies and error.error, met and developed their work in
the Mexican city of Hermosillo, where they grew up. Chupetones their debut LP, builds on
the dichotomy the Mexican trio has always existed in: a gothic party for crying (llorando)
and dancing (perreando). The nine songs that make up this new collection are at once
odes to heartbreak and invitations to the deep darkness of a post-apocalyptic club.
Chupetones means “love bites,” aka hickeys in English, and will be out on February 2nd on
In Real Life.

Although Meth Math have found tangible inspiration in the visuals and sound of musicians
like Enya or Autechre – and spiritually in Mexican pop like Bela Nova, Gloria Trevi or Belinda
– their sound comes directly from the club, so for Chupetones they worked alongside
renowned Miami-based producer Nick León (Rosalía, Erika de Casier, Isabella Lovestory).
The dembow beat made in a neoperreo style is mixed with sounds of shattering glass,
electronic shakers and synthesizers with timbres that sound like bells in the wind. Singer
Angie adds, “I love people dancing in the dark, and I’m going to make things that appeal to
the people I love. All art is like portals, and I’m excited that this portal is very big: Pompi was
a little cave, and m♡ rtal was an elevator door. Chupetones is a giant gate, the gates of
heaven or hell.”

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