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Daniel Norgren

Daniel Norgren shouldn’t need an introduction. But for the uninitiated, before the music speaks louder than these words ever could, here’s his story:

The Swedish born musician began releasing albums on his own Superpuma Records in 2007, running the imprint with his producer, Pelle Nyhage, and his wife, Petra Wester-Norgren. Daniel’s records are supremely unique takes on the American tradition, evoking a rust-worn blues feel that pervades his sound, and at times, he captures this world better than many homegrown artists ever could.

But Norgren’s interests lie in more than music. His enterprise is a fully realized universe: Norgren makes his own videos, filming the world around him to match his aesthetic. In this regard, he reminds one of Sergio Leone, not in his filmic style, but in the way he spins American music unlike anyone born in the USA ever could. Our blind spots are too large, our notions too preconceived. Daniel Norgren illuminates the cracks and details of the Americana lineage we so often overlook. On the eve of his first ever North American tour, Norgren is gearing up to showcase what so many back home in Sweden have come to understand: Daniel Norgren is an otherworldly talent with an old soul. He made his name with a strong, slow build, quietly introducing his music to anyone willing to listen.

And if you’ve yet to do so, listen you must. Daniel Norgren’s US tour is to be a special, rare event, during which he’ll be offering live cuts from his catalog of releases: The Green Stone, Alabursy, Buck, Horrifying Deatheathing Bloodspider, and Outskirt, all of which will be available worldwide for the first time starting October 20.

Of course, Daniel would blush at all these words. His quiet humility has lent itself to a career slow-building but entirely earned. Every fan Daniel’s ever made, he’s won over on an individual basis. In an era of over-consumption and mass media digestion, this is perhaps his most impressive skill.

All these words aside, Daniel Norgren’s debut US tour is a moment that’s not to be missed. Now that we’re being officially introduced to a musician we should have known about long ago, all that’s left is to become a part of Daniel Norgren’s American origin story—even though he’s been crafting one for years. The tour starts September 22nd.

Videos & Press
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  • Listen! The Wilderness of Daniel Norgren

    [Vinyl Me] By Tyler Barstow Daniel Norgren is one of our favorite new artists and we’ve been talking about him for a while now. Greg Vandy, host of The Roadhouse on KEXP and the first DJ in America to play Daniel’s music, had the idea of doing an immersive piece that takes you deeper into […]

  • Daniel Norgren :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

    [Aquarium Drunkard] Daniel Norgren grew up in Sweden driven by an idea of America, a composite of our country built on the films he saw and records he played. You can hear it in his music, a lonesome blend of blues and folk, in which synthesized Americana sounds mingle with a naturalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. I […]

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  • Daniel Norgren, ‘Desperate Hour’ (Live At Pickathon)

    [NPR] By Benjamin Naddaff-Hafrey In August 2016, Swedish singer-songwriter Daniel Norgren made his first U.S. appearance. His music, however, is indigenous to this soil: His rock-steady ragtime piano playing has a chooglin’ ease, and his voice would be right at home echoing off the walls of Levon Helm’s barn. For Pickathon’s Luna Sessions, he premiered […]

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