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BASIC is a new trio comprised of Philadelphia’s Chris Forsyth (guitar), Nick Millevoi (baritone guitar & drum machine), and Mikel Patrick Avery (percussion & electronics). BASIC was initially inspired by the Robert Quine/Fred Maher record from which they cribbed their name as well as Ikue Mori’s “Painted Desert” and has developed a sound evocative of an imaginary electronic desert blues soundtrack. The group formed in the summer of 2022. Their debut studio album “This is BASIC” will be released in fall 2024 on No Quarter.

Chris Forsyth is known for the widescreen art rock he’s produced both as solo artist and leading his Solar Motel Band. The NY Times calls him “a scrappy musical historian (who) humanizes the element of control in rock classicism (and) turns it into a wooly but disciplined ritual.” He’s recorded and performed with Meg Baird, Dave Harrington, Douglas McCombs (Tortoise), Ryan Jewell, Tetuzi Akiyama, Nate Wooley, Peeesseye, and others.

Nick Millevoi’s sound reflects the full history of electric guitar music, from early rock & roll and surf music through noise and the avant-garde. He’s collaborated with Nels Cline, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Meat Puppets, and his work is available on the Tzadik and Cueniform labels.

MIkel Patrick Avery is a drummer, composer/improviser, and multi-disciplinary artist. He is a core member of Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society and Theaster Gates’ Black Monks, and an in-demand collaborator across the fields of jazz, rock, and improvised music.

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