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Bob Mould is an American musician/singer/songwriter now in his fifth decade of making and performing music. Bob has released 15 solo albums since his 1989 solo debut Workbook, after forming and leading Minnesota punk rock innovators Hüsker Dü starting in 1979. Along with two albums in the group Sugar, Bob has redefined guitar driven rock across 23 studio albums over the last 40-plus years.

In addition to a catalog of over 250 songs, Bob contributed the theme song to TV’s The Daily Show and has served as a creative north star to legions of musicians ranging from Dave Grohl to Billie Joe Armstrong.

Bob’s most recent album was 2020’s Blue Hearts, released to continuing critical acclaim. Rolling Stone said “Blue Hearts gushes more piss and vinegar than Stanley Kubrick could fill a hallway with, but what makes it jaw-dropping is the precision with which Mould has focused his ire on conservatives, evangelicals, homophobes, while leaving room for some self-criticism as well.”

“The fire in Bob Mould’s belly can’t be extinguished,” gushed Under The Radar. “Blue Hearts is Mould at his fiercest and most deliberate.”

Bob Mould tours as both a solo artist and in the Bob Mould Band featuring Jason Narducy (bass) and Jon Wurster (drums). Bob has solo tours set for the remainder of 2024, with two runs in the USA in September and October, and his first visit to Australia and New Zealand in more than a decade in November.

Video & Press
  • Hear Bob Mould Rage Against the President and Evangelicals on ‘American Crisis’

    [Rolling Stone] Track will appear on artist’s upcoming Blue Hearts LP, due out this fall By KORY GROW  Bob Mould’s raging new song “American Crisis” starts with a full-on scream. The track will appear on his upcoming 14th solo LP, Blue Hearts, and it vibrates with urgency as he sings, “I never thought I’d see this bullshit again.” […]

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  • New From Bob Mould ~ American Crisis

    Turn it up loud.

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