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Doug Paisley


To make his first album in nearly 5 years, Doug Paisley stayed in his hometown of Toronto, playing with old friends and collaborators, and recording in home studios around the city. He spent the previous few years writing, and Starter Home showcases an already brilliant songwriter getting even better. The songs are rooted in the sound of folk and country, and influenced by the many years he spent performing bluegrass and American traditional music, but the themes are universal and expansive, not belonging to any genre. The recording itself is quiet, often only minimally adorned, showcasing Doug Paisley’s incredible voice and guitar playing.

Starter Home will be released November 2nd.

Video & Press
  • Gentle-Voiced Songwriter Doug Paisley Gracefully Navigates the Intersection of Folk-Rock and Country

    [Pitchfork] Starter Home 7.7 Gracefully navigating the intersection of folk-rock and country, the gentle-voiced songwriter turns detailed images of domestic tranquility and promise into reflections on disappointment. By Amanda Wicks For a decade, Canadian singer/songwriter Doug Paisley has turned quiet, specific moments into inquiries on life’s larger struggles. On his 2010 breakthrough, Constant Companion, Paisley […]

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  • Doug Paisley’s Winter Melancholy on ‘Starter Home’

    [The New Yorker] By Amanda Petrusich The bleakness of early winter—the short, hazy days, the bony trees, the way the sky grows dense and unanimated, a sagging gray blanket—can, on the right day, seem nearly funny. “Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back,” the philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius […]

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  • Doug Paisley in The New Yorker’s Ten Best Albums of 2018

    [The New Yorker] By Amanda Petrusich If you are a person who believes, as I do, that popular music is a mirror of sorts—that it reflects something undeniable about the national condition at any given moment—then it appears we were all feeling pretty bummed out in 2018. The story is written right there on the […]

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  • Aquarium Drunkard Review: Doug Paisley ‘Drinking With a Friend’

    [Aquarium Drunkard] Though he’s a masterful lyricist, Doug Paisley knows that language has its limits. On “Drinking With a Friend,” the first taste of his forthcoming album Starter Home, he confesses over churning upright bass, acoustic guitar, gentle organ, and a resonator guitar: “So many things that I wanted to say/I always found that words […]

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