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The Jesus And Mary Chain

The legendary Jesus and Mary Chain forged from the chaos of a post punk music wasteland that left the 1980s youth of the UK looking for a new band to hang their disaffections on.

Brothers William and Jim Reid took their own version of teenage angst, from their bedroom in East Kilbride Scotland to the D.I.Y. underground music scene of London in 1984.

Their attitude and thrashing guitar sound, bought them to the attention of Creation Records boss Alan McGee.

Creation released their first singe ‘Upside Down’ and its success saw the band perform a series of adrenalin fuelled live shows that often ended in controversy.

From the chaos and madness that surrounded the band, Williams true song writing genius and Jims heart stopping lyrics gave life in1985 to their debut album ‘Psychocandy’ that is today still held as a musical mile stone and spawned such classics as ‘Just Like Honey’ and ‘Some Candy Talking’.

In 2015 the band revisited the album to celebrate its 30th year, following their re acquaintance with Alan McGee, now operating as Creation Management. There followed with a hugely successful and much acclaimed world tour with a set that included the classic album being played end to end, after a shorter greatest hits opening set, still being controversial, but dazzlingly brilliant.

The band has spent most of 2016 in the studio, in London, Dublin and LA, finally readdressing the issue that they were now being begged for a new album. (Their last release was 1998.)

After signing a worldwide deal with ADA, the label service division of Warner Music Group, at last the finishing touches of the new record are being detailed in London, and the world holds it’s breath to hear the new material destined for release in March 2017.

Speaking to Canada’s CBC Music, McGee let slip. “They’ve made another album! It’s a big deal! It’s kinda enormous.”

The internet lit up with the news as it slowly dawned that finally the brothers had put their personal differences on hold and had produced another masterpiece.

The album will have its presale release in December 2016 and the band will embark on another world tour in support of the new album throughout 2017.

Videos & Press
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain: Let’s Stop Moaning About It

    [LA Record] In the fall of 1985, “We Are The World” and Whitney Houston were dominating the charts, and then out of nowhere came the Jesus and Mary Chain on a mission to destroy rock ‘n’ roll in order to save it. Their debut Psychocandy started riots—or at least really enthusiastic fights—when it came out […]

  • The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Jim Reid on the Making of Psychocandy

    [Vogue] By Rebecca Bengal Tonight outside L.A., nearly 30 years after the release of their influential album Psychocandy, brothers Jim Reid and William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain kick off a U.S. tour in which they’ll perform that record in full. Psychocandy was bristling shoegaze malaise: classic sixties girl group drumming and pop […]

  • Sweet Relief: The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Jim Reid Interviewed

    [The Quietus] By Gary Kaill With a global tour in support of their 1985 debut bringing houses and an accompanying live album due for release, Jim Reid tells Gary Kaill why the time was right to revisit Psychocandy “It’s kind of a stuttering tour,” says Jim Reid, speaking to tQ from his home in Devon. […]

  • The Jesus and Mary Chain Wanted to Be a Pop Band

    [Westword] By Tom Murphy When Psychocandy came out in November 1985, it established the Jesus and Mary Chain as an important band of the era, with a sound that harked back to the raw quality of early rock and roll as well as the tunefulness of ’60s pop. The album also put the band in […]

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