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Matt Corby

After a two years hiatus, Australian artist Matt Corby is back with his eagerly awaited debut album, Telluric. The first release, ‘Monday,’ is a gloriously gospel-tinged song that racked up an impressive 250k YouTube plays in one week. It’s a stark move away from anything you’ve heard Corby sing before which, as it turns out, is a fitting theme for his album.

Gone are the wailing falsettos, replaced with something a little darker, a little more complex. Instead of writing about heartbreak, he’s questioning his place in the world, singing about his anxieties and working through fears of selling out.

The definition of Telluric is ‘of the earth’, terrestrial. It’s the concept that runs through the record, the idea that through nature and human activity we are all connected. ‘Telluric’ will be released on 11th March 2016.

Videos & Press
  • Matt Corby: The Best of What’s Next

    [Paste Magazine] By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni Some voices — Jeff Buckley and Robert Plant, for example — come bounding at you with arresting force. Others — say, Ray LaMontagne, Martina Topley-Bird, Lucinda Williams, etc. — draw you in more discreetly, putting you at ease first before you realize there’s something unnaturally powerful about them. Singer-songwriter Matt […]

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