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Matt Corby

It’s a cliché. The hard second album. The weight of following-up, evolving, justifying. All that angst and self-doubt and second-guessing that chokes the creative spirit. Or not…

“I actually think this is the start of me really having fun with music.”

If anyone deserves to break the shackles and enjoy the moment, it’s multi-platinum-selling musician Matt Corby.

For a decade, Corby has been pushing his own boundaries, embracing a journey of self-discovery that’s seen him wrestle a few pre-conceptions and stare down his share of demons. Now, with two ARIA Song of the Year awards on the shelf, and debut album, Telluric, behind him, Corby can genuinely lay claim to some hard-earned perspective.

None of which is to suggest Corby’s new album, Rainbow Valley, isn’t clever or prone to making people feel good. It is both, and then some. From the surreal, dreamlike splendour of first single “No Ordinary Life” – which was met with worldwide acclaim and high-rotation on triple j – to the soulful majesty of the title track, Rainbow Valley reveals an artist who seems both more aware of what he wants and why he wants it.

Videos & Press
  • Spindle Session: Matt Corby ‘Miracle Love’ and ‘Get With The Times’

    [Spindle Magazine] By Eva Waite-Taylor Down to earth Australian singer-songwriter, Matt Corby, is a much-needed breath of fresh air, creating mind-bending melodies that continually reimagine the world. Following a brief hiatus from the public eye, Matt is finally back with the release of his latest album Rainbow Valley. Taking a significant creative role, playing all […]

  • Inside Matt Corby’s Reclusive Rainforest Lifestyle

    [lnwy] By Darren Levin WE arrive at Rainbow Valley to the sound of a barking dog and the final faint bars of what was probably a blistering jam. The barking dog is a kelpie named Django. The jam has just wound up in a converted granny flat-studio at the bottom of a embankment. It’s not […]

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