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Caroline Rose

Hi, I’m Caroline Rose. I front a band called Caroline Rose. Our genre is schizodrift, which basically sounds like Blondie drunk on mai tais.

If you’re reading this it means you may be considering coming to one of our shows, so it would behoove me to tell you that you may see me in spandex. If you are bringing small children I cannot guarantee our show will be age-appropriate, so keep that in mind, and if you do decide to bring your child at the very least make sure they’re wearing ear protection. Our shows can get pretty psycho. Like not Gwar-status but maybe if Gwar and Devo had a riot grrl baby.

No one reads long bios so I’m going to end this here. See you at the show.

Videos & Press
  • Song Premiere: Caroline Rose – ‘Tightrope Walker’

    [Paste Magazine] By Chris Powers Listen here Much of Caroline Rose’s bio reads like a how-to guide on starting over. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter graduated college with a degree in architecture, but soon abandoned the trade altogether. Then, after being fired from two dead-end jobs, Rose took off in her van, taking in all that is […]

  • Caroline Rose ‘I Will Not Be Afraid’ out August 19

    Caroline Rose “I Will Not Be Afraid” August 19th (Little Hi! Records / Thirty Tigers) “Rose is a true American songwriter like Dylan, Van Zandt, or King – different stylistically, but all touch on something inherently continental…[she] spins stories with a sense of adventure, a certain badass swagger, and devil-may-care attitude.” – WXPN Little Hi! […]

  • The “Story Behind” the “Gospel-meets-country-meets-blues-meets-alternative” of Caroline Rose

    [Philthy Magazine] By Izzy “I don’t really like being a particularly public person. These songs, in my mind, are all encompassing in their regard to my own, personal life,” Caroline Rose tells me when I ask the young singer/songwriter what she thinks is most important that fans and potential fans know about her and her […]

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