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Joe Henry

Joe Henry spends his time writing songs, producing records, performing, recording, scoring films, curating concerts, writing essays, books…you name it. He has worked with an incredibly diverse range of musicians—from Elvis Costello to Ornette Coleman to Richie Havens—earning multiple Grammys as a producer along the way, and all the the while, he continues to develop his longstanding career as a solo artist. A hyperliterate storyteller, he draws an author’s eye for the overlooked detail across a broad swath of American musical styles — folk, rock, jazz and blues — rendering genre modifiers useless.

Videos & Press
  • Watch: Joe Henry “Invisible Hour” in Sevilla

    Like a birthday, the release date of a new album can send a thrum of anticipation through its alchemist’s bones, as if a great mission bell had been struck and then lowered into water; its waves moving from the balls of your feet up to your molars, passing ‘go,’ and collecting two-hundred dollars. Foolish as […]

  • Field Recordings: Lisa Hannigan and Joe Henry’s Audio Travelogue

    [Paste Magazine] Published on June 28, 2012 By Lisa Hannigan and Joe Henry Dear brothers and sisters, As we are freshly disembarked on a three-week collaborative tour of select cities across North America—cities chosen for their hospitality, favorable climates, and distinct culinary opportunities—we thought it might be interesting to share a few sonic glimpses behind […]

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