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Premiere: Campdogzz ‘Run Wild’ Video

[Under The Radar]

Chicago-based five-piece Campdogzz sophomore album In Rounds is out 8/3 via 15 Passenger. Under the Radar is happy to show the premiere of the video for single “Run Wild”.

“The video is a visual representation of what, to me, is lush, visceral, spiritual Tulsa,OK” comments lead singer-songwriter and Tulsa native Jess Price. “Most of what you see was shot on the Northside and at the historic Colony. Featured is Lydia Cheshewalla (Roots and Ash, Holy Mother Collective) along with several other resident Tulsa artists and musicians, sculpture by Chris Wollard. Those who live or have lived in the area will gladly attempt to describe it. It’s sky. The way the winds rip and shift. Green country and how alive it is. Insects. The pull to come back. The heaviness that seems to always be in the air. It’s an area that is in part progressing, yet is so acutely preserved. The song itself is more or less a person acknowledging patterns in their life. And the setting holds the heaviness of those patterns and the lightness of their revelations.”

The new album follows Campdogzz’s self-released 2015 debut album Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven and is ”a more collaborative and intentional effort,” centered around the songwriting and voice of Price, whose “melodies take on the shape of a storm making its way in — and out just as soon”. The Oklahoma native moved to Chicago to become a filmmaker and then met now Campdogzz bandmates Mike Russell and Nick Enderle when making a documentary about their previous band, Suns.