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William Tyler’s ‘Fail Safe’ From His Upcoming Fourth Record, Goes West, is a Musical Snapshot of Bliss


William Tyler
“Fail Safe”

Since William Tyler released his debut solo album in 2010, the Nashville guitarist and songwriter has wielded his instrument like a poet’s quill that never runs out of ink, all swift strokes and vivid imagery in his instrumental songs. “Fail Safe,” the lead single from his upcoming fourth record Goes West, is a musical snapshot of bliss.

On “Fail Safe,” Tyler patiently fingerpicks his way through scales, each one tumbling out of his acoustic guitar like tiny rays of light. His backing band softly pulses behind him, guiding the momentum along. Tyler offers warmth with an intricate but amiable playing style of simple chord strums and a playful melody. “Fail Safe” is the musical equivalent of the sun coming out from behind the clouds, and Tyler’s ability to recreate the feeling of happiness washing over you is a testament to his virtuosity as a guitarist.