The Regrettes Release New Single for Lead Singer’s ‘Pumpkin’


By Marco Ovies

The Regrettes, a Los Angeles based pop-punk band, just released the cutest love song right on Valentines Day dedicated to front-woman Lydia Night’s boyfriend. Their latest single “Pumpkin,” is littered with references to her boyfriend Dylan Minnette, the vocalist for the band Wallows.

The most obvious instance of this is in the line “And I know you like to pull leaves off trees,” which references the single “Pulling Leaves Off Trees” by Wallows. Then there is the line “I ran in circles on a Monday night, You had to go so you could make your flight” which talks about their first date. Night mentions in a YouTube video posted a day before the single released that they had met up on a Monday. Both of them had decided to grab smoothies in a mall food court before Minnette had to catch a flight. 

But their relationship aside, “Pumpkin” definitely has the makings of a classic love song. The song has a catchy melody that really emphasizes the lyrics and reminds you what young love really feels like. It is a strong contender to add to your crushes next mixtape. The Regrettes are currently touring with Twenty One Pilots and are teasing a new album to be released sometime in 2019.