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The Cribs say they had “nothing to lose” with their new album ‘Night Network’

The Wakefield trio’s acclaimed new LP is out November 20


By Sam Moore

The Cribs
The Cribs (Picture: Getty)

The Cribs have reflected on the recording process of ‘Night Network’, with the band saying they felt they had “nothing to lose” with their new album due to the difficulties that were happening behind the scenes at the time.

The Wakefield trio will release their eighth album on Friday (November 20), marking their first LP since 2017’s ‘24-7 Rock Star Shit’.

Speaking to NME about the album, which was recorded at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 in LA after Dave Grohl personally invited them to use the facility, The Cribs explained how legal battles over the ownership of their back catalogue threatened to overshadow the making of ‘Night Network’.

Frontman Ryan Jarman noted that “music has always been an escape” for himself and his brothers, with his brother and bassist Gary agreeing.

“It was like an escape; it was the only positive thing that happened in those two years and as a result we didn’t take any baggage into the studio at all,” he said. “We just went in and really enjoyed it.”

The Cribs
The Cribs (Picture: Press)

Reflecting further on the recording process later on in the interview, Gary explained that The Cribs “felt like we were on borrowed time a little bit” when making ‘Night Network’ — so much so that they didn’t know if the record would be their last together as a band.

“There’s nothing to lose,” he said. “We felt lucky that we were getting to do it after everything we’d been through, so there was absolutely no excuse not to be completely unfiltered and put it all out there.”