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Soccer Mommy Is Back To Make You Feel All the Feelings

[Rolling Stone]

‘Shotgun,’ the first offering from her new Oneohtrix Point Never-produced album, shows the Princess of Screwing Up emphatically in love


Coffee and menthol. Cold beer and ice cream. and a devastatingly direct chorus. Sophie Allison knows her combinations, and she’s back at it with “Shotgun,” a new gem that chases after the perfect metaphor for what it’s like to be emphatically in love.

Soccer Mommy released her last album, Color Theory, in February 2020, approximately 9 years ago in pandemic time. “Shotgun” is a far cry from that record, with its angsty emotional palette of distorted riffs and early aughts nostalgia. The musician who once sang that she’s “the princess of screwing up” is now delightfully comparing romance to uppers: “This feels the same without the bad things.”

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