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Sam Evian’s “Time to Melt” Spins Death in a Funky, Positive Light

[Flood Magazine]

It’s the title track from his forthcoming album out October 29 on Fat Possum.

By Margaret Farrell

Sam Evian shared a new single today called “Time to Melt” and it’s really good. The title track from Evian’s forthcoming album, out October 29 on Fat Possum Records, recalls Toro y Moi in its grooviness. It was pieced together with Spencer Tweedy as the result of talking to Evian for Tweedy’s book Mirror Sound. Despite its chipper vibe, “Time to Melt” is infused with an existential awareness: “It’s time to melt while others run / I hold my hands into the sun,” he sings on the opening line. “Hot wax is flowing through my veins / Humanity has gone its way,” he continues assuredly, balancing inevitable doom with acceptance.

“If you’re familiar with tarot, I think of it as pulling the death card in a positive way,” Evian said of the track. “It’s like facing the idea of death, which I think everyone thought about a lot this past year, maybe more than usual collectively.”

The single also comes with a somewhat absurd video. Evian is out camping with a dog that’s drawn to a glowing toilet in the middle of the woods. Later, he meets an otherworldly friend. “I met a lonely alien in the woods and they taught me a jig. As the night went on they convinced me to try huffing some special kind of bug spray, which opened a wormhole vortex to another dimension,” he explained.

Watch it below, and pre-order Time to Melt here.