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Rolling Stone’s 40 Best Country and Americana Album’s 2019 – Michaela Anne is #10!

[Rolling Stone]

Michaela Anne, ‘Desert Dove’

The Nashville songwriter dismantled any notions of being a mere honky-tonk stylist on her fourth album Desert Dove, a textured portrayal of turmoil and restlessness set to a mix of West Coast-country, atmospheric indie-rock indebted reverb, and plaintive folk-pop. “The goal,” she said of her artistic breakthrough, “was to create a vibe.” On highlights like “One Heart,” “Child of the Wind,” and “Somebody New,” Michaela Anne proved that mood-creation didn’t have to come at the expense of old-fashioned song-craft, and should there be any purists with qualms about her newly confident sonic direction, she has a song for that: “If I wanted your opinion,” she sang, “you would know.” J.B.