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Rolling Stone SXSW 2018: 30 Best Artists We Saw at the Austin Throwdown – Hembree, The Weather Station

[Rolling Stone]

March 15th, The Continental Club
Kansas City natives Hembree played to a room full of friends and family. There was certainly a loose, laid-back vibe to the show as the band members ribbed each other between songs, but there was a single-minded focus as their tore the swirl of guitars and keys on a song like set-closer “Holy Water,” which saw singer and guitarist Isaac Flynn finish standing triumphantly atop the kick drum. J.G.

The Weather Station
March 15th, The Barracuda
Tamara Lindeman and her band’s acoustically driven set walked a fine line between moody rumination and rollicking, serpentine jams. Lindeman channeled Joni Mitchell in her rolling diction and effortless wordplay, with all of those carefully assembled pieces coming together with beautiful clarity in set-closer “Thirty,” which rose to a haunting but energetic climax. J.G.

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