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New Song from Aimee Mann! “Burn It Out”

Photo credit Sheryl Nields



Aimee Mann announced the release of her new album Queens Of The Summer Hotel — a project that started with Mann writing songs for a prospective Girl, Interrupted musical — with lead single “Suicide Is Murder.” Today she returns with “Burn It Out,” a second advance track from the LP. It’s the kind of songcraft we’ve come to expect from Mann, a gentle and ornately pretty waltz, smartly written and emotionally intelligent to boot. “Can you just burn it out?” she sings. “So thoroughly you’ll never see a trace of yourself in the spark? Can you just burn it out ’til it’s dark?” Fans of Magnetic Fields will want to tap in for this one as well.

“In this song, a character who has set herself on fire ruminates on whether she had tried to banish the ghosts of trauma though one drastic, self-destructive act,” Mann explains in a statement. Check it out below.

Queens Of The Summer Hotel is out 11/6 on SuperEgo.