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New From Sam Evian – ‘Easy to Love’ (Aquarium Drunkard Review)

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Easy to Love

Sam Evian had the right idea. Well before the pandemic forced city folk nationwide to head for the hills and outlying territories, he and his partner Hannah Cohen left Brooklyn behind and decamped to the Catskills. The easy pace of life upstate informs the lyrics of his new Fat Possum single, “Easy to Love.” “These are loving days,” Evian sings in a winsome falsetto. You can practically sniff the scent of the blooming flowers in the air. But this is pastoralism Paul McCartney’s Ram-style, meaning Sam and co. haven’t settled into bucolic folk mode but rather embraced the freedom of the countryside to indulge in a supremely frisky rock & roll boogie. Over cascading saxophone and trumpet, Evian extols the virtues of getting stoned in the garden the way Marc Bolan might, with a sweet abandon and crooked grin. In the accompanying video, directed by Luca Venter, Evian rides a quad in circles around his band, windmills his Les Paul, and pets with his dog. It’s the kind of scene—and song—you want to live in for a bit and though it was inspired by the arrival of spring, it’s hardly difficult to imagine it as one of the defining songs of the coming summer. | j woodbury