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Marco Benevento Live Recordings Now Available!

Marco Benevento live recordings now available for your in-home entertainment!

From Marco’s newsletter —

Heyo Beautiful People!

We miss you so bad! Hope everybody is staying safe and sound out there with clean hands and positivity in their hearts! In our neck of the woods, we’ve been digging into the archives. Last week saw the release of ‘Live At Levon Helm Studios‘ on Bandcamp. Thank you to everyone who grabbed it. The cassettes sold out in one day. So amazing!

This week we have our first live recordings up at We’ve been wanting to release a few of these shows for awhile. This little break finally gave us a window to make it happen. Lemons fell from the tree, so we’re making lemonade! The shows up at Nugs are:

11/13/19 – St. Louis, MO – Old Rock House
12/13/19 – 
Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
1/17/20 – 
Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafe
2/8/20 – 
Denver, CO – Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

+ we’ll have more shows coming soon…