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James McMurtry Discusses “Santa Cruz/Second Best Surfer on the Central Coast” Reference on Canola Fields

Many have wondered from where in James McMurtry’s mind, the following Canola Fields lyrics from the new “The Horses and the Hounds” album lyrics arose: “You never knew where my old white Lincoln might take you, party on wheels with suicide doors/Bring the kids and the dogs and your grandma too, we always had room for more,” James McMurtry sings with a slight Texas drawl. “Till that white knuckle ride back from Santa Cruz/Second best surfer on the Central Coast had you wrapped up all the way back to Los Gatos, and I could’ve cut his throat.”


Read on from the feature in GoodTimes Santa Cruz where Adam Joseph finds out:

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James McMurtry’s song, “Canola Fields,” from his first studio album in 7 years, The Horses and the Hounds was nominated for The Americana Music Association’s Song Of The Year award 2022 – Brandi Carlisle took home the prize, but James feels it was simply an honor to be nominated and thus his work and art recognized by his peers.

James McMurtry “Canola Fields” Official Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPYWcdrQPxg

Americana Music Association: https://americanamusic.org/awards