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Iggy Pop Says Mitski Is the Most Advanced American Songwriter He Knows


By Julia Gray

Iggy Pop gave Mitski and Justin Vernon his seal of approval today on his BBC 6 show. “She’s a great talent. For me she’s probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know,” he says of Mitski. “If it’s not her, maybe I would say Justin Vernon, the Bon Iver guy. But this young woman is really really really…she can do whatever she wants. She writes and sings and she plays too; her name’s Mitski.” He then played “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars” from 2016’s excellent Puberty 2.

Iggy introduces the song, “This next number is called ‘My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars,’ and she doesn’t mean this in a nice way.” He also muses about how the YouTube algorithm started “bombarding” him with videos of Japanese girls after he watched her videos. “It just kind of bugged me.” Following the episode, Mitski wrote on Facebook, “I wish sound were tangible so I could put a chain through this and wear it around my neck. Iggy Pop on BBC6, talking about…my music(!)” Listen to a clip from the segment below.