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here is a sign i made on a tissue for my reddit AMA tomorrow. i found it on the floorboard of my van whilst sitting in traffic for 2 hrs, which i take to be a metaphor for our current state. i have been desperately trying to get across the country to my home in texas w/o touching a single object or human and alas, by the plight of Job, i made it! tho i am at any moment expecting the clouds to part and a plague of locusts to land on my front lawn.

imma be real w yall, after the worst depression & anxiety i’ve ever had, introducing a whole new rig in our live show then (surprise) having our first gig as a band be on tv w/ 2 days to prepare lol, witnessing a tornado almost kill us then destroy an entire neighborhood, coronavirus going full TMZ & destroying everyone’s life, the impending world economic crisis…nothing surprises me anymore. with that said, ask me anything 😂. if u wanna talk about whether or not u should bleach your butt hole, i’m game. no subject is untouchable (pun intended). 🤘😷

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