Caroline Rose’s ‘Jeannie Becomes a Mom’ is #15 in NPR 100 Best Songs of 2018!


A colorful jumbo swirl lollipop made in Willy Wonka’s factory, this weird, whimsical song goes straight to the vein with its sugary sweet pop hooks, but some pretty sobering topics lay just beneath the surface. It’s a cheeky examination of ticking (biological) clocks and the inevitable settling into adulthood. Finding out that she is pregnant leads to a moment of reckoning for the main character: Now she’s in “real life” and starts feeling that time is only gonna pass her by; a depressing yet relatable sentiment. Thankfully, the weight of the topic is lifted by Rose’s warm vocal delivery, which cleverly includes some cooing baby talk along with plenty of good humor, when she sings about buying a big house and getting the big hair to match. Cheerful synths and magnetic beats candy coat this quirky little story and make it simply irresistible –Alisa Ali (WFUV)