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boygenius Won Three Grammys and Gave the Cutest Speeches Ever


The queer trio took home the trophies in matching white tuxedos before the primetime ceremony even began.


Well, Boygenius certainly was strong enough.

The queer supergroup — which includes singer-songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus — took home three Grammy awards during the pre-show on Sunday afternoon. The wins included trophies for best rock song and best rock performance for their single “Not Strong Enough,” as well as best alternative album for their debut studio album The Record.

Wearing matching white tuxedos, the trio literally ran to the stage to accept their first award, and delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech, even as music began to play them off the stage.

“We were all delusional enough as kids to think that this might happen to us someday,” Dacus said, holding her golden gramophone. “Phoebe would sing at Guitar Center hoping that she would get discovered. Julien was always in bands as a kid and wanted to play sold-out stadiums. And I would practice writing an acceptance speech and thank all of the people that have been nice to me, like my bus driver and the guy who held the door at church, so I feel kinda like a kid, because that was the last time that something like this felt possible. This just, like, isn’t real.”

After Dacus thanked the band, the orchestra flared up, but not before Baker was able to add to the speech. “Music saved my life,” Baker said. “Everyone can be in a band. This band is my family.” The trio adorably embraced as they left the stage, only to come back twice more to accept more awards, using their last speech of the pre-show to thank their families.

These three awards are the cherry on top of a banner year for Boygenius, which included the release of The Record, an appearance on Saturday Night Live that found them all dressing up as Troye Sivan, as well as boygenius – the film, a trio of music videos directed by Kristen Stewart. After a whirlwind year, the band announced it will be going on hiatus “for the foreseeable future,” though given all the Grammy love, we hope it won’t last long.