Village Voice Named Lucius Best Indie Band in NYC!

[Village Voice]

Best Indie Band: Lucius

It’s not a mystery why Lucius’ twitter handle is ‘@ilovelucius’–it’s nearly impossible to not fall in love with the infectiously poppy, mod-inspired band straight out of Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park. With the united front of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe at the helm, Lucius is as much visual art as they are musical virtuosos. They match color coordinated outfits and Anna Wintour bobs all while belting in complete unison. This year saw the release of their debut album–Wildewoman–and Lucius’ star rise on a continuous basis as they’ve extensively toured the country and caught the eye of more than just their NYC based fans. Plus, at a time when the sound of Brooklyn’s indie scene has become dangerously homogenous, Lucius dares to be different, which makes their leading ladies a couple of wild women indeed.

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