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The Jayhawks Willfully Drift in New ‘Comeback Kids’ Video

[Wall Street Journal]

By Mike Ayers

In the Jayhawks new video for their song “Comeback Kids,” frontman Gary Louris embarks on a mysterious trip that channels the song’s meaning in a slightly different way.

“The song itself is about traveling to see someone,” he says. “Ironically, [it] centers around an airport and that is the only form of travel not touched upon in the video. We were trying not to be too literal.”

Though mostly shot in black and white, color images are interspersed throughout the four-minute clip, which Louris says was deliberate – and a point of discussion when it was being conceptualized. For Louris, the video represents a “longing” and a “deliberate and willful drifting” when he watches it back.

The video’s concept came from Chuck Statler (Elvis Costello, Devo), who Louris thinks took them up on the opportunity to make the visual for a rather specific reason. “He is in love with the process,” Louris says. “He certainly didn’t do it for the money because there wasn’t any.”

“Comeback Kids” is on the Jayhawks’ latest album, “Paging Mr. Proust.” The band is currently on tour in Europe; they’ll start a week-and-a-half long club tour on October 25 at the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.