SPIN at Voodoo 2016: Day 1 at Toyota Music Den with Chairlift, All Them Witches and More


Plus Bear Hands, DJ Quiz and LÉON

By T.M. Brown

If it’s Halloween weekend in New Orleans, that can only mean one thing: Voodoo is back. This year is the festival’s 17th go round, and the three-day bill is filled with heavy hitters across the spectrum and acts that are bound to blow up sooner rather than later. The Toyota Music Den’s Day 1 roster featured an eclectic lineup that wrapped with a powerful set from Nashville-born foursome All Them Witches — a perfect warmup for headliner the Weeknd who had people howling at the bayou moon. Here are the highlights from Day 1.

All Them Witches

The bayou twilight provided the ideal backdrop for the muddy, gothic sounds of Nashville-born foursome All Them Witches. Every song in the foursome’s set could have hit the cheap seats in the Superdome, so hearing guitarists Michael Park Jr.’s and Ben McLeod’s perfectly picked notes and drummer Robbie Staebler’s thundering drums was a Voodoo experience to remember. The band started things off with a slow burn with opener “Dirt Preachers” but by the end of their 30-minute set All Them Witches had the Toyota Music Den in a head-banging frenzy.

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