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SONG PREMIERE: Dylan LeBlanc Exudes Southern Charm And Wisdom On “Man Like Me”

[Glide Magazine]

By Neil Ferguson

Most music publications have just finished wrapping up 2015 with their year-end “best of” lists. This doesn’t mean we can’t be thinking about next year, and many of us already are since the advances for 2016 releases are already pouring in. I can pretty much promise that one of the standout releases of 2016 will be Dylan LeBlanc’s Cautionary Tale, which comes out January 15th on Single Lock Records, the Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based label started by Ben Tanner of the Alabama Shakes, John Paul White (The Civil Wars), and Will Trapp.

Tanner and White also produced Cautionary Tale, which features Alabama Shakes front woman Brittany Howard along with a melange of instruments and talented musicians giving it the kind of minimal, folky yet elegant and orchestral sound captured on classic 70′s albums like Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush. Southern sensibility, poignant lyrics, and of course LeBlanc’s enchanting vocals bring to mind groups like the Fleet Foxes, early My Morning Jacket and Cat Power. Even though he is young, LeBlanc often ponders his own sense of self and the deeper questions of life, giving the listener the sense that he is an old soul with wisdom to share.

We are excited to premiere one of the most powerful tracks on Cautionary Tale, “Man Like Me”, right here on Glide Magazine. With its catchy bass line, joyous guitar strumming, and whispery vocals, it is a song that will linger in your head long after listening.

Reflecting on the idea behind “Man Like Me”, Dylan LeBlanc says, “[the song] is a portrait of someone who has come to the end of their life and looked back on it with increasing self-awareness as they tell the story to a younger man. The song’s message is this: Things happen the way they happen and if they could have happened another way, they would have.”

Listen here.