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Review: Dylan LeBlanc – Cast The Same Old Shadow

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Blanc on LeBlanc

First impressions are admittedly off-putting to the more cynical among us: an improbably named child prodigy apparently raised in recording studios in Muscle Shoals and making unashamedly classic rock records with titles such as Cast The Same Old Shadow at the age of just 21. Yet, hoary old clichés of titles aside, this is an impeccably pitched collection of quality songs.

LeBlanc and co-producer Trina Shoemaker have created a sultry, late night feel that calls to mind Jeff Buckley in torch song mode contributing to the Blue Velvet soundtrack. This lush, dramatic backdrop is matched by material the quality of the hushed Diamonds And Pearls and the grandstanding Chesapeake Lane. LeBlanc’s voice is, however, an element that may prove divisive. He has a tendency to slightly over-egg things, veering towards the pained when his vocals are most seductive when they’re a little more considered.

Still, this record eases its way into the listener’s affections and contains more than enough to suggest that LeBlanc will do something startling before too long.

3 stars

Rough Trade

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins