Listen to Sean Rowe’s ‘All We Can Do’ From Today’s EP Release

[Noisey by Vice]

By Annalise Domenighini

Sean Rowe, a Troy NY native and folk singer/songwriter who makes melancholy sound sexy. His baritone lilt adds sadness to any song he sings, no matter what the subject. A follow up to his 2014 album Madman, All We Can Do is about to make its debut thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign held by Rowe and completed with the help of his fans. Today we premiere the titular track off that album, “All We Can Do.” It’s a soft, nostalgic track that sets some good groundwork for the album, which is out tomorrow.

“Produced by my longtime collaborator—Troy Pohl—we cut this EP in my hometown of Troy, NY where me and the gang set up in a room that was formerly used as a prosthetic factory” Rowe says of the EP. “The two live cover tracks were recorded right across the street on the sticky floor of the one and only Ale House. And throughout those cold January sessions, Neil Young’s record “Tonight’s the Night” was playing in the back of my mind.”

His EP, All We Can Do, is out tomorrow, September 9, and will be independently released.