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Listen to S.G. Goodman’s Defiant New Single ‘The Way I Talk’

Her debut album, Old Time Feeling, is produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket fame. It arrives on May 29.


Whatever we’ve learned from the onslaught of political news, one thing has become abundantly clear: The struggle is similar across the country. Owners of corporations continue to profit from underpaid, overworked labor. In exchange, those workers are saddled with debt and watch their physical and mental health deteriorate while their bosses get richer. Meanwhile, necessary tests and vaccines aren’t made readily available and affordable because someone has decided that the industry must profit over everything else. What an exhausting cycle.

Today FADER is premiering S.G. Goodman’s debut song, “The Way I Talk,” which came out of the Kentucky native’s first-hand experience with that cycle. “The song is inspired by the plight of the farming community in Kentucky where I grew up, where big business and the laws that protect them have vast control over my community,” Goodman wrote of the song in an email to The FADER. “It is a scary thing calling into question the very thing that put food on my table and is putting food on my family’s table. Isn’t that the case for every person working a factory line who is afraid to unionize? Or a fast-food employee afraid to take sick leave to care for her kid? We are all expected to be thankful, not question, and shut our mouths.”

“I wanted to create something real, a video that felt true to my family’s experience,” she said of the video. My niece plays the little girl in the video and the video was shot on my family’s farm. It was directed by Brandon Boyd and I love the visual effects – they are subtle but I think they help visualise the insidious control farming families are experiencing.”

Old Time Feeling is out May 29.