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Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Let Me Be Your Light,’ The Black Ryder

[Interview Magazine]


Set in looming landscapes in Nevada, California, and Florida, the latest music video from Australian-born duo The Black Ryder is sparse, haunting, and even a bit mystic. “Let Me Be Your Light” drips with gauzy beats as Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper, the duo behind the L.A.-based band, sensually explore themes of survival and genetic memory (“Clouds formulate / and I heard your call / we could destroy and conquer all”). Inspired by Spanish video artist Greta Alfaro, filmmaker Franco Nero, and photographer Lucien Clergue, the video’s aesthetics are ethereal, gothic, and ominous.

“The sentiment of the song comes from a place of reassurance, like a voice I’ve often wanted to hear myself, that could tell you that everything will indeed be alright, if you can hold on for a just a little longer,” Nash explains. “Ultimately the message is one of catharsis, transcendence, and ascension, which are not always easy to achieve, but that’s why it felt so important to try and create something that was uplifting and beautiful.” Watch the video exclusively below.