Caroline Rose ‘I Will Not Be Afraid’ out August 19

Caroline Rose “I Will Not Be Afraid”
August 19th (Little Hi! Records / Thirty Tigers)

“Rose is a true American songwriter like Dylan, Van Zandt, or King – different stylistically, but all touch on something inherently continental…[she] spins stories with a sense of adventure, a certain badass swagger, and devil-may-care attitude.” – WXPN

Little Hi! Records and Thirty Tigers are proud to announce I Will Not Be Afraid (August 19th), the official debut album by Caroline Rose, a fiery 24 year-old songwriter raised on rockabilly, vintage country and blues-infused rock; a self-proclaimed “failed scholar and modern-day hobo” who earned a degree in architecture (on a full-ride scholarship), then abandoned it all. “Most of my professors couldn’t stand me,” says Caroline. “I would be really honest about how I didn’t like their work.” Soon fired from both a vegetable farm and a New York City grocery store, Rose moved into her van – where she continues to live – and headed for the American backroads.

Written and arranged by Rose and co-produced with multi-instrumentalist Jer Coons (with Pat Melvin on bass), I Will Not Be Afraid chronicles Caroline’s wandering years; a disillusioned youth constantly demanding freedom and the most from life. Raised in the Northeast, Rose is a rare mix of Northern grit and Southern charm whose musical influences trace back to her family’s Southern roots, running deep into the heart of Mississippi. “You can hear my history in the music,” Rose says. “It’s a bit rough around the edges, a bit wild, but American music through and through.”

Some highlights include the dark, driving “Tightrope Walker,” written in rural Mississippi where her friend works in an unfair school system; “Let Me In,” a zombie-esque call-to-arms of a tortured youth desperately attempting to feel, and the menacing barnburner “Blood On Your Bootheels,” inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. First appearing on her 2013 self-release, the song “America Religious” is a “complex portrait of an nation’s oft-misguided religious fervor,” writes Relix. “Not to mention it’s catchy as hell.”

Inspired by Crazy Horse, the title track is a self-affirming rockabilly anthem reminiscent of an old Spiritual, and her take on Son House’s “Don’t You Mind People Grinning In Your Face.” “They’re words to live by. Anybody can relate to that message,” Caroline adds. The song closes the book to a poetic story filled with the sadness and euphoria, regret and hope, bitterness and triumph of a life we could only dare to dream.

“I travel a lot, almost constantly, I don’t have a home, nor do I have much money or clout,” says Rose. “But I also don’t have anyone telling me how to live or how to act or what to say. I’ve got the freedom to create the life I want for myself, and that’s a rare, very special privilege.”

Caroline and her band have been pretty much living on the road since 2012 and have been invited to tour with Hayes Carll, Joseph Arthur, Hard Working Americans, Nathaniel Rateliff and Stephen Kellogg. She’ll be on tour this summer and fall including Joe’s Pub in New York City on August 20th and the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

Contact: Carla Parisi at Kid Logic Media / 973-563-8204