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Brian Wright and Ladies Gun Club Pay Tribute to Guy Clark

[No Depression]

Some people can get a lot done in a single day. Brian Wright joined up with the Ladies Gun Club and filmmaker Douglas Busby to pay tribute to Guy Clark with this cover of “Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool Ya.” The entire thing was performed, tracked, mixed, filmed, and edited within 24 hours. During that same time period, I believe I yelled at my television and ate a fairly disappointing sandwich.

Brian and company’s results are this guitar drenched tribute, fully saturated with atmospheric twang, dueling steel and lead solos powered by driving riffs and a rollicking bass line that all manages to stay spacious enough to keep focus on the lyrics of the master. As for my results? Well, the Kardashians are still on TV and I was hungry again by 3:30.

For those with heavy cataracts, or more likely those who are blind drunk while watching this, that’s Brian playing three guitar parts, plus lap steel, piano, bass, and drums. Although, the best detail in the video may be the portrait of Michael Jackson with Bubbles sitting on his lap over Brian’s left should while he’s singing. Class.

The video was created as part ofTurnstyled Junkpiled’s Guy Clark Week.

Watch here.