Bombadil Welcomes A New Musical Approach With ‘Fences’


By Charlie Shelton & Frank Stasio

A few years ago, Durham-based indie-folk band Bombadil decided to do some soul searching. After one of the band members left the group, the rest of the band decided to take a step back and find a new direction. The group eventually picked up new bandmate and worked with a data scientist to create “the perfect Bombadil song.” The band’s new style guides its latest album “Fences.”

Listen here.
Host Frank Stasio talks with the band Bombadil and they play a few songs from their new album “Fences”.

Host Frank Stasio previews the new record with band members James Phillips, Daniel Michalak and Stacy Harden. Phillips, Michalak and Harden also perform live in the studio on acoustic and electric guitar, bass and hand percussion.