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Wyatt Waddell


Wyatt Waddell is known for his complex yet unforgettable melodies and exuberant presence. His powerful and versatile vocal range moves seamlessly between the raspy timbre of James Brown, and the melodic whimsy of Paul McCartney. Though his musicality recalls the old greats, Wyatt’s inventive and playful approach is fully his own. The multi-instrumentalist known for his instinctive songwriting has been bubbling at the edges of the Chicago underground, and is now set to bring his infectious mix of indie, R&B, pop and funk into the music world. Rolling Stone says, Wyatt Waddell’s “upbeat soul-funk… lift[s] the spirits of those out in the streets.”

Video & Press
  • Wyatt Waddell Urges You to Stand Against Divide and ‘FIGHT!’

    [Third Coast Review] BY JULIAN RAMIREZ We’ve going through a difficult time. Not just the past few months, but for the entire history of our country. Currently it has reached a boiling point, another boiling point that is, and protests across the nation are trying to underline what has already been brought to light countless times […]

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  • Wyatt Waddell drops a single to rally the fighters for Black lives

    [Chicago Reader] Wyatt Waddell dropped the remarkable new single “Fight!” on Wednesday, June 3, and it vibrates with the grief, rage, and revolutionary purpose that millions of Americans have been demonstrating since the killing of George Floyd. “This song is me looking at what’s happening and what I’d tell the people protesting,” says the local singer-songwriter and […]

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