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South Memphis String Band

Spring thaw. The voice of the turtle is heard in the land. Nature’s miracle of rebirth fills the breeze with the sweet smell of Easter blossoms. It’s a good time to listen to the blues. As the free world teeters once again on the terrifying brink of depression, return with us now to those bygone days of yesteryear and lose your troubles in the timeless songs of the South Memphis String Band. Three young contemporary blues artists, each in his own right a rising star. Three modern Mississippi musicians on a knight’s quest to retrieve, preserve, and carry into the future America’s most unique and meaningful musical statement. String band music from the Mississippi Sheik’s and Cannon’s Jug Stompers to the South Carolina Chocolate Drops represent to scholars the pre be bop of the South. Sophisticated chord progressions syncopate into what appears to be medicine show vaudeville humor yet with a dark core of philosophic irony that gives modern relevance and meaning to an antique form.

These three musicians are each different and yet the same. Luther Dickinson’s good natured slide [North Mississippi Allstars] has spread Hill Country Boogie to the world. Jimbo Mathus [Squirrel Nut Zippers] is the singing voice of Huckleberry Finn. The mighty Alvin Youngblood Hart [ “cosmic love child of Howlin Wolf and Link Wray”] is a force of nature and perhaps the best modern purveyor of the early Delta blues alive today.

So pull up a chair and pour some gin in your glass. If you don’t dig this there is seriously something wrong with you.

World Boogie is coming,

Jim Dickinson

Independence, Mississippi

Videos & Press
  • Review: Old Times There

    [Glide Magazine] South Memphis String Band Old Times There By Doug Collette May 03, 2012 With Luther Dickinson’s enlistment in the Black Crowes back in 2007 and his subsequent return to The North Mississippi All Stars, he’s inspired himself to nurture his propensity for collaborative projects. With The South Memphis String Band, a collaboration with […]

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