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If all I am is all I’ve seen and all I’ve done…what I mean…I AM A WAR MACHINE.

If we dare to seek the truth and peak behind the curtain and gaze upon our true identity, we will discover that there is a duality in all of us. Seldom does the person we desire to be measure up with the person we discover we actually are. Seldom do our desires align with our true needs. Too often, even our noblest efforts to do good in this world of war, injustice, and pain are thwarted by our broken nature, our selfishness. Seldom does our spirit coexist in serenity with our flesh. We want to champion the widow and protect the orphan. We want to love our enemies and put an end to war. We want to be good husbands and good wives and leave legacies that our children can be proud of and blaze trails through this terrifying existence for them that they can trust and follow to places of goodness. We want these things, and yet, we do not do these things. Why do we fail? I’ve come to understand that this is the crux of what my debut album is about.

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