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Sydney/London three-piece SEEKAE are excited to announce details of their third album and attendant tour.

The Worry will be released via Future Classic on 12 September 2014.

Over the past six years, the Australian-English outfit have won a hugely loyal following and a swag of awards for their signature blend of electronic pop, IDM, post-dubstep, post-rock, house and ambient. Their stunning debut The Sounds of Trees Falling On People was anointed one of the albums of the decade by FBi Radio; assured follow-up +Dome achieved Mojo Magazine’s Album of the Month in the UK and saw SEEKAE nominated for four Australian Independent Music Awards. The band then took +Dome on the road, touring Europe, Japan and North America, culminating in a sold-out Sydney Opera House show with an 8 piece-orchestra.

2014 has seen a successful SXSW visit, three sold-out UK shows, an Australian tour featuring capacity shows at Sydney’s Metro Theatre and 170 Russell in Melboutne. A super-deluxe 3LP vinyl re-release of +DOME and The Sound Of Trees Falling On People sold out quickly after its March release, fans coercing the band into repressing.

The Worry sees percussionist Alex Cameron drafted into full-time vocal duties on eleven songs that range across themes of nihilism, revenge, and – occasionally – the redemptive power of love. It’s a dramatic about-face that is exciting the band’s existing fans and earning them a legion of new ones.

The album’s first single is “Another”, which was released in 2013 to immediate critical acclaim. It heralded the new direction in the band’s style: a haunting, spartan melody, punctuated by forceful drum claps, a rolling bassline and ethereal pads. Like much of The Worry, the sound is glacial and synthetic, with the meticulously layered production that SEEKAE has long been known for.

A host of other new musical influences saturate the album, which is mixed by David Wrench (Caribou, Bat For Lashes, Four Tet, Jungle). Bitter, belligerent confessional “Test and Recognise” is punctuated by up-tempo 90s industrial beats generated by a vintage drum machine emulator. Live orchestral sounds make an appearance in “Monster”, in which a pulsing hip-hop rhythm gives way to woodwind and brass, building to an intense wall of sound. Many songs on the album seem in constant flux as they oscillate between the band’s far-reaching musical influences. “Oxen Calm” unites live horns with swirling, distorted synths. Title track “The Worry” is an aggressive revenge anthem that resolves into a dance floor masterpiece.

The album is also studded with audio samples found in unlikely places. “Monster” features sounds extracted from dusty, discarded VHS tapes the band picked up off the street near their Sydney studio. And “Back Out”, the album’s chilling intro, opens with an audio grab of John’s acquaintances laying bare their cynical attitude to women and the possibility of love.

The release of Test & Recognise came with a cryptic, culty film clip and three remixes from the Australian electronic community and extended Future Classic family – HWLS, Cassius Select and Flume.


The Worry
– “Alex Cameron’s husky yet fragrant vocals offer a delicious juxtaposition with the overarching melancholia that permeates Seekae’s third album.” 4 stars – Mojo Magazine
– “A great album” – 4.5 stars, Musikexpress
– It’s at once romantic and nightmarish, like something out of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. – The Guardian
– “It’s a treat to watch Seekae at work” – Pulse Radio

Test & Recognise
– #5 Best Track of 2014 So Far – InTheMix
– ‘Matching a love of 90s IDM with a physicality which can only come from a flair for live performance’
– Clash Magazine
– “Key vocals from the original enveloped with pumping and warped electronics, transforming the subtle pop song into a jittery, shimmering powerhouse” – Pigeons & Planes (on the Flume Edit)

– “The Icy, somnambulant trude of Another provides The Worry’s most affecting moment” – Mojo Magazine
– ‘Atmospheric electronica at its finest’ – The Guardian
– ‘4 minutes of kissed-off, glacier-paced, electronic emancipation riding on Alex Cameron’s inner monologue confessed out loud’ – Mikey Cahill,

3LP Reissue
– 5/5 – Musikexpress
– ‘Fascinating’,

– ‘It’s a surprise that this album of sharp-edged, glacial, organic electronica, hails from sunny Sydney, Australia.4/5’ – MOJO Magazine, Album of the Month
– ‘Equal parts rock, hip-hop and experimental, it’s one of the most interesting records of the year thus far. 4/5.’ – Resident Advisor

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