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Sarah Blasko

What The Sea wants, The Sea Will Have.

Sarah Blasko is undoubtedly a showstopper: a distinguished musician who writes and produces her own music; a formidable recording artist who has received numerous accolades; a stunning performer who – whether at a cosy candlelit dinner venue, a remote country hotel or a big city theatre – commands the unwavering attention of her audience; and an entrancing vocalist who bids audiences hang upon her every note, whether delivering one of her own unique compositions or interpreting a revered classic.

Two years after her debut album, Sarah Blasko is back. Taking her previous release to Canada, the US, the UK and Europe, Blasko toured internationally with the likes of British tunesmith Tom McRae, roots enigma Ray Lamontagne and neo-folk ingénue Martha Wainwright, before returning home to begin work on her second album.

In a strange twist of fate, Blasko headed straight from her performance of the classic Australasian hit song, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, to Crowded House singer Neil Finn’s own Roundhead Studios, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Working again with loyal accomplice, Robert F Cranny, the pair brought in the talent and experience of Jim Moginie to assist with the production of the recordings. Blasko first encountered Moginie personally when collaborating with him on a song for the Cate Blanchett film “Little Fish”, although he is better known to many as a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist with legendary Australian band, Midnight Oil.

The project was mixed by Victor Van Vugt, an ex-pat Melbournian who has a long association with icons of the Australian music world, Nick Cave and Dave Graney.

Thematically, the album is an exploration of fatalism. Using the unpredictable ebbs and flows of the sea as her metaphor, Blasko looks at fate with a learned reverence, but with the maturity to set sail in spite of uncertainty, and the courage to use her own former shipwrecks as seamarks.

Sarah Blasko spent her youth in the suburbs of Sydney, in a family whose journeys of faith steered her through numerous religious denominations. Through the church, school and her Father’s oddball record collection, she was introduced to music quite accidentally, and has no formal training to speak of.

Having ventured out into the bright lights of Hollywood to record her last album, Sarah has spent two years touring the world only to find that Australia has a musical heritage as rich as anywhere else in the world.

The result is her second album, “What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have”. Recorded swiftly, the album displays a more succinct, a more lucid and a more forthright Sarah Blasko. Her lyrics shoot straight and the instrumentation is clear and purposeful in its application.

Despite Blasko’s grace in the face of her humble achievements thus far, her confidence must have grown a little. She has tiptoed amongst the shadows of people like Nick Cave, Jim Moginie, Neil Finn & Victor Van Vugt – people whose contribution to music stretches back into her suburban youth. Yet Sarah has emerged into the sunlight on the other side unflinchingly still herself.

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