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Mikael Jorgensen

Since beginning work in 2002 on Wilco’s “A Ghost Is Born,” Mikael Jorgensen has been an integral member of the band – both in the studio and on the road. The ever prolific Jorgensen, when not working with Wilco, has kept himself busy recording and touring as a collaborative artist. In 2007 Jorgensen, working with longtime collaborator and drummer Greg O’Keeffe as “Pronto”, recorded their Contraphonic Records debut, “All Is Golden.” It’s a 70′s-inspired tome that serves as a record of action – of waking up and moving on – cross-country trips to California – black days and blue nights giving way to better times and warmer promises. It’s AM-Radio songsmith filtered through the speakers of a modern-day prism.

In the spring of 2010, Mikael, Greg and Adam Chilenski on bass, entered The Bunker Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to record Jorgensen & O’Keeffe’s newest LP, “Bunny Hate Wolf.” After listening to the expertly played and recorded basic tracks, Jorgensen felt the overall style was too predictable, ordinary, and decided to abandon most of the conventional instrumentation and replace it with more adventurous synthesizers and music technology of any variety. This labor intensive shift in perspective has produced one of the most interesting electronic music records in recent memory. The analog synthesizers and music software provide a stimulating, ever shifting context for these songs to unfold and develop. The result is an electronic music record that was built from the song up, without relying upon clubby or dance-music cliches. Look for the release of “Bunny Hate Wolf” and live performances from Mikael Jorgensen this fall.

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