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Lera Lynn has spent a decade blurring the boundaries between genres, carving out a sound inspired by art-pop, indie-folk, and the outer edges of American roots music. She’s a singer/songwriter. A road warrior. A multi-instrumentalist and producer capable not only of collaborating with her heroes, as she did on 2018’s Plays Well With Others, but also of forging an entire album without outside help, as she did on 2020’s On My Own.

Nothing, though, could have prepared Lynn for the lessons learned during motherhood. She welcomed her first son during the early months of the pandemic, ushering in a new era of shifting priorities, strange endings, and new beginnings. Inside, she was battling postpartum depression. Outside, a bigger picture began taking shape: a feeling of interconnectedness, of cyclic renewal, of the knowledge that every beginning is an end and every end is a beginning. Those realizations coalesced into Something More Than Love, a record filled with synthesizers, lush soundscapes, the pop-noire punch of Lynn’s voice, and the most dynamic melodies of her career. Co-created with her partner, Todd Lombardo, Something More Than Love turns Lynn’s experience with absolute surrender — surrendering oneself to the trials and triumphs of motherhood — into a universal record about the experiences that bind us together. It’s the story of a life cycle that repeats, every termination point becoming a starting line, every edge giving way to the circular slope of the ouroboros.

Video & Press
  • ALBUM REVIEW: Lera Lynn Leans Into Pop on ‘Something More Than Love’

    [No Depression] By John Amen Since the launch of her career over a decade ago, Lera Lynn has navigated a mix of dreamy Americana and commercially viable pop. Her new album, Something More Than Love, is her most pop-centric release to date. While her songcraft and crystalline vocals are compelling, some listeners may find themselves occasionally […]

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  • Lera Lynn Conquers Imposter Syndrome By Going It Alone on Ambitious New Album

    [Rolling Stone] Nashville singer-songwriter says she fantasizes about quitting music — but she’s fully invested on her daring LP ‘On My Own’ By JOSEPH HUDAK  At least once a year, Lera Lynn considers quitting music. She says the social media obligations alone have been enough to send her packing. But it’s when she encounters a fellow artist’s particularly […]

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  • Relix Spotlight: Lera Lynn

    [Relix] By Mike Ayers When Lera Lynn started to conceptualize her latest album, the Nashville singer-songwriter had the underlying feeling that, perhaps, she was heading down the wrong path. She’d often wake up in the middle of the night, pouring over the songs that she’d been co-writing with others—in short, she knew something was up. […]

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  • American Songwriter Review of Lera Lynn’s ‘Plays Well With Others’

    [American Songwriter] By Hal Horowitz // June 18, 2018 Pensive, brooding, dark … Those and similar adjectives have described Nashville based singer-songwriter Lera Lynn’s three previous albums. On this appropriately titled set she not only duets with a handful of artists she respects, but co-writes original material with most of them. As for the darkness, […]

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