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I’ve always thought the best ideas are stolen (I still think that). A guy I know once had to write a biography for his music, so he wrote a letter. We all get told to make things that will help sell what we’re doing and what we’re singing – I like to think the songs do that best. Music began for me as an open letter, of sorts. I was less writing songs, as I was speaking songs. I recorded things quickly, and from some part of my gut that felt untouched. It was fast, it was me, and me alone. Fast forward two years after releasing “Trust” and a handful of EP’s to fill in the gaps – I found myself in the desert with a guy who producer who calls himself BOOTS. I’d spent the summer writing songs that I would mostly throw away, only to find myself in that moment – in the desert, in a recording studio, at the center of what felt like a very bright light. I was on mushrooms, this might explain the light. After 11 days of writing and recording “Vicious Times” was an album. Since then, lucky enough on the stars Matt Barrick, who plays on the album and wrote every line of percussion on the thing was crazy enough to form a band with me.

I could go into beautiful literary detail about the album and the songs, but as I know nobody likes to read in 2015 – I’m going to make a listical. A buzzfeedical. Since I can’t add images to this bio, I’m going to add links. See below for a description of my album.

We look forwarding to seeing you soon,



Videos & Press
  • Impose Magazine’s Week in Pop: Gambles

    [Impose Magazine] Gambles Gambles blew our minds & stole all of our hearts four years back with the moving song & video for “Trust” & returns with a listen from his latest cycle with the charged emotive strums & views from the interior heard on the demo “Bookend” & the new song “Hard Time Livin’”. […]

  • Gambles: Fighting for the Right to Folk

    [Vice] By Jeremy Gordon It will not stay a secret for long that Matthew Daniel Siskin, alias Gambles, makes emotionally evocative folk music in the mold of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, but that he also spends his days working as Beyonce’s online creative director. Because “GChatting with the queen” would make it on many […]

  • Listen: Gambles’ Stark, Well-Worn Lo-Fi Folk – “Far From Your Arms”

    [Gorilla vs. Bear] April 3, 2013 It’s been a minute since we’ve posted the kind of stark, well-worn lo-fi folk that Gambles nails on “Far From Your Arms,” a song which immediately conveys a very simple and real sadness and yearning, and then proceeds to hit harder upon each subsequent listen, thanks to some heavy […]


    [All.We.Create] Who is Gambles & how did this project come about? Gambles is me, Matthew Daniel Siskin. This is all very new, mostly written from august 2012 to now. There’s a story in there that I still go back and forth about, if I want people to know, but the songs are the story, so […]

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