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Clear Plastic Masks

We believe passionately in Freedom, the power of Love, and a unified vision of the human Spirit. As Dave Davies said, “we are not two, we are one.” Living day to day, as most musicians do, and traveling and playing extensively through this country, our faith in the promise of the United States of America is being challenged. We see a nation assaulted with a steady diet of fear, narcissism and waste and watch as our collective common sense and compassion for each other erodes with the drip drip drip of prideful dogma and terrifying hubris. We see people seeking order in an increasingly disordered world and stand witness to a growing tolerance of a not so subtle, but for our money horrifying, totalitarian sensibility. Our new record Nazi Hologram – out October 14th with Soft Junk Records – explores what it takes to live, love and struggle in this increasingly hyper and soul crushing 21st century.

Formed in Brooklyn 2011, Clear Plastic Masks channel a world of influence into bluesy, punk – and soul – informed rock ‘n’ roll. Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Andrew Katz – raised in the burbs of Detroit, drummer Charles Garmendia – raised in the Dominican Republic, bassist Eduardo DuQuesne – raised in Miami and lead guitarist/keyboardist Matt Menold – raised in Pittsburgh met near the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Broadway in Bed-Stuy where they all lived and worked as movers together trying to scratch out a living. In 2012 the band moved to Nashville with the opportunity to work on their debut album Being There with producer/engineer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Langhorne Slim, Benjamin Booker, Hurray for the Riff Raff) at his studio The Bomb Shelter. “Katz’s vocals are wry and slightly theatrical, recalling both Lou Reed and the Strokes’s Julian Casablancas, and the band’s Stones-ish rock is showy while still hitting hard and direct.” -NPR “Charlie Garmendia fit the Keith Moon mold, flailing behind the drum kit and throwing his weight behind each hit. Bassist Eddy DuQuesne locked in the deep bass grooves, and mad organist/guitarist Matt Menold weaved between the two like a high-speed car chase.” – Austin Chronicle

Having spent the interim years playing and touring through all 48 states of the continental U.S. the sound of the band has matured. In their sophomore recording Nazi Hologram one hears the evidence of all that time spent living, playing and struggling together.

Videos & Press
  • Video Premiere: Clear Plastic Masks – ‘Baby, Come On’

    [Beats Per Minute] By Joshua Pickard Formed in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn in 2011 but now calling Nashville home, blues rockers Clear Plastic Masks are as transparent as their name might suggest. Their music is a warped amalgamation of psych-infused blues, southern rock, and a hazy subsection of garage rock that pushes all these genres further […]

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