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Active Bird Community

Active Bird Community is a Brooklyn band formed in 2005 by members Tom D’Agustino, Zach Slater and Andrew Wolfson when they were in middle school. Over 10 years later, with the addition of Quinn McGovern on drums, Active Bird Community continues to enliven the stage with their sprightly slacker vibes reminiscent of 90’s indie rock. While ABC was young and experimenting with their sound, early listeners sensed something teeming beneath the surface. In the years since, they’ve released 2 full length albums and played hundreds of shows to adoring fans and delighted newcomers alike. In that time, their sound has gone under numerous revisions—not out of necessity but out of a tacit refusal to stagnate or sound like anything else. As the members matured, fell in (and out) of love, moved around and made their own way, the lyrics and arrangements of each song reflected both the harmony and the discord that comes with growing up in New York. Though, as anyone who’s seen them live can tell you, their music is so infectious you can’t help but lose yourself right along with them.

Videos & Press
  • Brooklyn Punks/Childhood Pals Active Bird Community Joyously Stumble Into Adulthood: Album Premiere

    [Billboard] By Chris Payne The self-released album ‘Stick Around’ drops on Jan. 27. The third album from Brooklyn’s Active Bird Community is a scrappy punk slugfest rife with immediate post-college struggles. This might seem typical for the basement and DIY scene, but take this into consideration: ABC’s four members have been playing together since they […]

  • Paste Magazine Active Bird Community – ‘Dead Legs’

    [Paste Magazine] By Chris DeVille Active Bird Community are a Brooklyn rock band that creates freshness out of classic sounds. Specifically, on new single “Dead Legs,” they combine the ’90s indie rock throwbacks of LVL UP with the garage rock revivalism of the Strokes era with splendid results. It’s from the band’s upcoming album Stick […]

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