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Keep Shelly in Athens

The swirling ambient sound of Keep Shelly in Athens (KSiA) captures that serene feeling you get on a gloomy, rainy day as your car glides over the slick city streets. With airy beats that are repetitive, but never trance-like, KSiA is an accessible and lighthearted entry into the world of down-tempo electronica. As enigmatic as they are talented, Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek based duo signed to Forest Family Records. Fearing the trend of bands coasting more on their own hype than their actual talent, KSiA keep their cards close to their chest, focusing on their music, not their image. If their sold-out 2010 EP is any indication, it’s a more than fair trade-off.

Videos & Press
  • Watch Keep Shelly In Athens ‘Oostende’ Video

    [Stereogum] Greek synth-pop emoters Keep Shelly In Athens released At Home this year, but they aren’t finished culling great videos from the record’s exquisite songs. The latest, “Oostende,” is a mournfully epic letterboxed love story to match a mournfully epic song, an ’80s throwback that splits the difference between M83 and the Drive soundtrack. Directors […]

  • NEEDLE EXCHANGE 131: An Exclusive Mix By…Keep Shelly in Athens

    [self titled] Despite what Wikipedia might think, Keep Shelly in Athens is not a chill-wave band. Like the blog (Gorilla vs. Bear) that helped build the Greek duo’s buzz by pressing a couple promising EPs (In Love With Dusk and Our Own Dream), they maintain a certain mood throughout their immersive tracks—one that’s icy and […]

  • Listen: Keep Shelly in Athens’ new track, “Recollection”

    Pitchfork July 16, 2013 By Molly Beauchemin The first single from Grecian dream-pop duo Keep Shelly in Athens’ debut LP, At Home (out September 17 via Cascine) sets simple rhythms over downcast beats and synths that eventually harmonize into one ambient, ultra-lush bedroom serenade. “Recollection” is a rich sonic palette that uses only a few […]

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